Fredo Jung: Das Jahr im Lied op. 41/a-d (2009)

A-Cappella-Edition Edition 8
44 Pages – VKJK – ISMN M-700221-34-8

Fredo Jung's cycle "Das Jahr im Lied" ("The year in song") was composed for Calmus in 2002 in a six-part version (as you can hear on the CD "farb töne")! In the first three movements Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" are linked with some other famous music by Thomas Morley ("Now is the month of maying"), the German folksong "Ein Jäger längs dem Weiher ging" and Mendelssohn's "Herbstlied". The fourth movement is a new composition after a poem by Angelika Eichhorn.



  1. Fredo Jung: Der Frühling, op. 41a (SATTBarB)
  2. Fredo Jung: Der Sommer, op. 41b (SATTBarB)
  3. Fredo Jung: Der Herbst, op. 41c (SATTBarB)
  4. Fredo Jung: Der Winter, op. 41d (SATTBarB)


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