Christmas Carols of the World (2015)

When the summer heat shimmers above the vastness of the Australian bushland, when sleigh bells ring joyfully through the snow-covered forest of Estonia, when people in Mexico portray the pilgrimage of Mary and Joseph, and families in Denmark dance around the Christmas tree, then it is Christmas time, then the whole world celebrates and sings.

We have recorded a selection of the most beautiful Christmas carols from all over the world exclusively for this CD collection. The CD contains carols from Denmark, Germany, England, France, Ireland, Croatia, North America, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, Sweden and Spain as well as “Silent Night” in several languages.

With this recording the prize-winning Liederprojekt, promoting singing with children, is being continued.


Anja Pöche, soprano
Sebastian Krause, alto
Tobias Pöche, tenor
Ludwig Böhme, baritone
Manuel Helmeke, bass

CV 83.026


  1. Veni, veni, Emmanuel (International; Antiphon 13th Century, arr. D. Willcocks, Calmus)
  2. Remember, O thou Man (England; arr. L. Böhme)
  3. Es kommt ein Schiff, geladen (Germany; arr. M. Reger)
  4. Wexford Carol (Ireland; arr. N. Crellin)
  5. Les anges dans nos campagnes (France; arr. F. Jung)
  6. El desembre congelat (Catalonia; arr. X. Sana)
  7. De tierra lejana venimos (Puerto Rico; arr. J. M. V. Garcia)
  8. Festejo de Navidad (Peru; arr. H. Bittrich)
  9. Rise up, shepherd, and follow! (North America; arr. S. Krause)
  10. Betlehems Stjärna / Gläns över sjö och strand (Sweden; arr. R. Sund)
  11. Barn Jesus i en krybbe lå (Danmark; arr. N. W. Gade)
  12. Эта ночь / Eta Notsch (Russia; arr. R. Füting)
  13. Il est né, le divin enfant (France; arr. L. Böhme)
  14. A Naí Naoimh’ (Ireland; arr. L. Böhme)
  15. Andorinha gloriosa (Portugal; arr. S. Barreto)
  16. U to vrijeme godišta (Croatia; arr. A. Celar)
  17. Hej, mitt vinterland (Sweden; arr. J. M. V. Garcia)
  18. The twelve days of Christmas (England; arr. L. Böhme)
  19. Stille Nacht (International; arr. F. Jung)
  20. White Christmas (North America; arr. S. Krause)

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