One more song (2007)

Produced in the beginning of 2007, this CD is a première in two aspects: Without exception it is stocked with arrangements and besides it has been recorded completely in a studio. By means of the studio production a multitude of effects and recordings with up to 15 soundtracks became possible. Hardly any branch of the so-called light music that isn't represented. Rock, pop and soul classics are joined by chansons by the Comedian Harmonists and Georg Kreisler, as well as pieces composed especially for Calmus by the composer Fredo Jung from Leipzig. Also represented are pieces arranged solely for Calmus by Philip Lawson and Gregor Meyer, and—coming from the ensemble's own pen—by Ludwig Böhme, Sebastian Krause and Joe Roesler.


Anja Lipfert, soprano
Sebastian Krause, alto and percussion (*)
Tobias Pöche, tenor and percussion (*)
Ludwig Böhme, baritone and percussion (*)
Joe Roesler, bass
Fredo Jung, piano (+)
Nico Eckert, whistle (^)
querstand. VKJK 0812


  1. Wenn ich vergnügt bin, muss ich singen – Peter Igelhoff/H.F. Beckmann, arr. Ludwig Böhme
  2. Wohlgefühl – Fredo Jung (+)
  3. Bongo bong – Manu Chao, arr. Sebastian Krause (*)
  4. Lullabye/Goodnight my angel – Billy Joel, arr. Ludwig Böhme
  5. One more night – Phil Collins, arr. Philip Lawson
  6. Son of a preacherman – Dusty Springfield, arr. Gregor Meyer
  7. Bring back that Leroy Brown – Freddie Mercury, arr. Philip Lawson
  8. Barbara – Georg Kreisler, arr. Sebastian Krause
  9. Wochenend und Sonnenschein – Milton Ager, arr. Ludwig Böhme (^)
  10. Fragile – Sting, arr. Fredo Jung (+*^)
  11. Summertime – George Gershwin, arr. Fredo Jung
  12. Kiss from a rose – Seal, arr. Joe Roesler
  13. Got to get you into my life – John Lennon/Paul McCartney, arr. Martin Carbow
  14. Ich hab ka Lust – Georg Kreisler, arr. Ludwig Böhme
  15. Rondo – Fredo Jung (+)

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