Mythos 116 (2011)

SUPERSONIC Recording Award 2013

In the year 1616 Burckhard Grossmann, a merchant from Jena, commissioned sixteen composers from Central Germany to write five-part settings of Psalm 116. Among the sixteen were master composers of church music such as Heinrich Schütz and Johann Hermann Schein. In 2010, the Calmus Ensemble revived this commission, awarding it to two of the most significant Central German composers of our time, Bernd Franke and Steffen Schleiermacher—and so history is vitalized on this CD!


Anja Lipfert, soprano
Sebastian Krause, alto
Tobias Pöche, tenor
Ludwig Böhme, baritone
Joe Roesler, bass

Carus 83.366 


  1. Johann Hermann Schein: Psalm 116. Das ist mir lieb
  2. gregorianisch: Dilexi quoniam exaudies Domine
  3. Bernd Franke: And why?
  4. Nicolaus Erich: Das ist mir lieb
  5. Steffen Schleiermacher: convertere anima mea in requiem tuam
  6. Heinrich Schütz: Das ist mir lieb

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