Madrigals of Madness (2014)

We are presenting madrigals of the 16th and 17th centuries on this CD, including masterpieces by Gibbons, Flecha, Monteverdi, Gesualdo and Josquin des Préz. “Madrigals of Madness” takes as its theme, indicated in the title, the subject of madness as it is encountered in love, war or loneliness—this is a complex theme which Calmus expresses masterfully and convincingly with high emotionality. The CD booklet expands the musical exploration of this theme from a medical point of view through an interview with a psychiatrist.


Anja Pöche, soprano
Sebastian Krause, alto
Tobias Pöche, tenor
Ludwig Böhme, baritone
Joe Roesler, bass
CV 83.387


  1. Orlando Gibbons – What is our life?
  2. Mateo Flecha – La bomba
  3. Claudio Monteverdi – Lasciatemi morire (Nr. 1 aus: Lamento d'Arianna)
  4. Claudio Monteverdi – O Teseo, Teseo mio (Nr. 2 aus: Lamento d'Arianna)
  5. Claudio Monteverdi – Dove, dov'è la fede (Nr. 3 aus: Lamento d'Arianna)
  6. Claudio Monteverdi – Ahi, ch'ei non pur risponde (Nr. 4 aus: Lamento d'Arianna)
  7. Carlo Gesualdo di Venosa – Felicissimo sonno
  8. Carlo Gesualdo di Venosa – O dolorosa gioia
  9. Carlo Gesualdo di Venosa – Moro lasso
  10. Carlo Gesualdo di Venosa – Già piansi
  11. Josquin des Préz – Scaramella
  12. Clément Janequin – La guerre
  13. Thomas Tomkins – Too much I once lamented

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