“Calmus Ensemble is stunning in its vocal variety, mastery [Headline].”

 “The group held the audience…spellbound with its artistry.”

 “…in matters of pitch, diction and musical shaping, I’ve never heard finer ensemble singing.”

-The Washington Post

“ …a flawlessly blended sound, relying not only [on] seamlessly meshed vocal timbres but on ornaments placed with absolute precision across all five voices… the singers bring tremendous character and musical depth to their interpretations, conveying the tone and meaning of lyrics in a fashion that transcends the language of the lyrics.”
-Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“… a showcase of sophisticated ensemble singing, in quite a variety of repertory… each singer had a distinctive sonority, but in combinations from two to five voices they evinced impeccable balance and a keen collective feeling for the rise and fall of phrases and the nuances of harmony.”
-Dallas Morning News

“…nothing short of remarkable. These five young artists achieved the impossible and brought a cappella singing to a higher level.”

“What distinguishes this quintet is the clarity and precision of its tone, its articulation and perfect intonation.. their interpretive talents and musicality are matchless.”

“They infuse their singing with wonderful lyricism and exquisite expressiveness, they bring passion to their interpretations and they, quite simply, bring whatever they sing to glorious life.”
-Deseret Morning News

“…clear melodic lines and expressive phrasing. It was stunning. I sat through the performance with my mouth agape and a smile on my lips.”
-Classical Voice of North Carolina

“They are an elegant and highly polished a cappella ensemble…with crystalline purity… the Calmus Ensemble sings with a natural sense of pitch that goes way beyond simply singing in tune. They feel the character of the chord together.”
-Theater Jones, Dallas, TX

“…cleanly articulated, clear-voiced, perfectly balanced ensemble singing, every note, every chord given exacting importance, delivered in the most vocally attractive, musically expressive style.”
-ClassicsToday .com

“…precise intonation, impeccable blending and vocal beauty.”
-Salt Lake Tribune

“With perfect articulation and phrasing, the ensemble delivered emotionally-loaded, figured motives…entertainment at the highest level in a skillful blend…”
- Münsterlandzeitung

“Having exceptional musicianship and unusual vocal virtuosity, unwavering intonation provides the icing on the Calmus cake.”
-Irish Independent