MOSAIK - 41 statements about the Corona time

Is art silent in times of crisis? No!

The idea for MOSAIK came to us in summer 2020. We asked our friends around the world in the music scene and wanted to get a picture of the mood: How are you? How do you see the current situation? What is Corona doing with art?

In response to these questions, we asked for an artistic form - we wanted a statement in sheet music. 41 composers from ten countries answered us, got creative and wrote and given us a “vowel miniature” - their very personal perspectives on 2020. And we dealt with each of the many perspectives.

On an extensive, specially created website, Calmus will be presenting the large MOSAIC of these miniatures in virtual space from April 26, 2021. At you can not only listen to all 41 miniatures, some miniatures have already been published as videos. There is also extensive additional information on the composers and their intentions for each work.

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Calmus Alaaf!

…because a little lightness would be good for all of us.

Therefore we proudly present on YouTube & Facebook on

February 16, 2021, 8:30 p.m. CET a

Carnival concert from the Elbphilharmonie

It’s going to be a „Mardi Gras evening at home“ with light and entertaining melodies – by the way with our former alto Sebastian!

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Weihnacht A Capella - Holiday concert on Facebook and YouTube

It’s unconceivable: the time of Advent and Christmas without music. It shouldn’t be this way, that’s why we have prepared something special for you. We’re very happy to announce our latest virtual concert today:

From the Nikolaikirche Leipzig

Christmas A Cappella

Monday, 12/21/2020, 7:30pm CET/1:30pm EST on YouTube & Facebook

Here you can watch the concert.

You find the programme here.

We’re presenting a completely new program with Christmas music from more than 700 years..

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Line-up change at Calmus

Our countertenor Stefan Kahle has decided to leave the Calmus Ensemble for health reasons. We deeply regret that and simultaneously we’re looking back to two very intensive years – many moving concerts and nice experiences are now behind us and will remain a lasting memory in our minds...

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Prayer - Concert on Pentecost Sunday on Facebook & YouTube

After nearly seven weeks break from doing music we have started to sing together again - with distance. We would like to invite you to our third online concert on the Sunday of Pentecost.

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Here it is! Our new CD "Landmarks" just arrived!

It won't be available in stores until June – but for you, dear Calmus friends, we can present the CD today, in advance and exclusively!

We remain true to ourselves and once again make no distinction between "serious music" and "popular music". Instead, we have set landmarksin ten countries and created an album that is multi-faceted, borderless, thrilling, but also full of thought: songwriters meet avant-garde, folk meets jazz. South American rhythms groove alongside Yiddish melodies. You soon notice that it is not a long way from minimal music to pop and you can feel how classical harmonies are woven together with jazz sounds.

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bach@home: Quarantine needs music!

Calmus sings at the grave of Johann Sebastian Bach in St. Thomas Church Leipzig

Palm Sunday, April 5th, 2020, 7:00 p.m. (CEST)

on Facebook & YouTube

It is a contemplative hour with sacred music by Johann Sebastian Bach, Heinrich Schütz, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy and others, which we recorded before the necessary restrictions due to Corona and which we will present on Palm Sunday, at the beginning of Holy Week.

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Breaking news from Tobias!

Today we have to announce some very important news. Here's Tobias' announcment:

"Dear Calmus-friends,
After almost 13 years and now 810 concerts within the group it’s time to announce that I will leave Calmus at the beginning of 2020.
Thus ends for me a major chapter of my life so far. Over my years in Calmus we experienced, achieved, traveled and sang so much together but most important I met my wonderful wife Anja in Calmus. We’re celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary today and we have our two amazing kids. To be there for them more often I decided to leave the group and to go other or even new ways. I will definitely stay connected with Calmus behind the scenes. Of course, this is not a decision I came to lightly. But it feels right to be there and at home for our children especially when both parents, Anja and me are away together.
However, until then we will be going on and sing a lot more of concerts, give workshops, will stay for countless kilometers in cars, trains and airplanes, travel the US three more times and will hopefully collect some more funny anecdotes to keep as souvenirs."

Soon we will provide further information about finding a successor for Tobias,how to apply and so on.

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Our latest CD "Leipziger Disputation" is now on sale!

We're thrilled to announce that our latest CD "Leipziger Disputation" is now been released! The first joint project of the internationally renowned Leipzig vocal ensembles amarcord and Calmus: The centerpiece is the splendid sonority of the twelve-part Mass by Antoine Brumel, which is said to have been performed on the occasion of the famous disputation between Martin Luther and theologian Johannes Eck 1519 at St. Thomas’s Church. A highlight of musical life in Leipzig and, at the same time, a milestone in polyphonic vocal music. The mass is complemented by compositions of the time of Luther by Josquin des Préz, Johann Walter, Thomas Stoltzer and others.

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Merry Christmas and a happy new Year!

We wish you all a merry Christmas and a very happy, peaceful, blessed and healthy new year 2019!

Again, a year is over and we thought to create a picture book with some nice sounds from us for you. We're looking back to a year which was filled with concerts and music, of course, but also with saying good-bye to Sebastian, with welcoming Stefan, with lots of traveling to some really amazing places, with two recording sessions (stay tuned for the second one released in Spring), with loads of rehearsals and much fun...

We're thankfully looking back and are really looking forward to the new, our 20th Anniversary, year!

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