Generation Change

„Change is the only constant in life" already knew Heraclitus - and with these words, we have big news to announce, because a generation change is imminent at Calmus: In autumn of next year Anja, Ludwig and Manuel will leave Calmus.

It will be anything but easy for us to say goodbye to these three great colleagues in less than a year - but of course we respect the personal decisions that they tell you in their own words below. At the same time, we're sad about it, because we think we can make music together damn well!

But now we are looking ahead and we all agree: there will be a future for Calmus! The vacancies will be filled and the advertisements will be published in the next few days.

Yes, these are big footsteps and just as big challenges, but this encourages us, and we are really looking forward to going into a great future with a newly formed Calmus Ensemble!

Yours, Maria & Friedrich



I've been the soprano at Calmus for 21 years, and what started as a hobby has grown into something big within a few years. It's been a really long time, and I'm very grateful for everything I was able to experience and get to know with Calmus - and I still enjoy being part of this wonderful ensemble.

But now it feels right for me to take another path in life and thus free up space for a new, young soprano with Calmus - with new ideas and musical visions that crown the Calmus sound. I don't know exactly where the journey will take me, but music will certainly continue to play a major role in my life.

I wish Maria and Friedrich from the bottom of my heart that they find great new colleagues with whom Calmus can go into a successful and fulfilling future!


Leaving Calmus is not an easy one, but after careful consideration it is still the right decision for me. In 7 years with this great ensemble I was able to experience an unforgettable time, make music at the highest level, help shape the Calmus brand and travel to impressive places around the world. I am very happy about that and immensely grateful! As a team, we have mastered unexpected challenges with a lot of dedication and in some cases a lot of effort. But in me lives the desire for a change and a somewhat calmer sea in my professional everyday life. This perspective is now available from autumn 2022, when I will join the MDR radio choir as a permanent member. Even after my departure, I remain connected with Calmus from the bottom of my heart - as a fan and supporter!


When Anja and Manuel announced that they were leaving Calmus, it became clear to me: I will too - with a heavy heart! - leave Calmus. As a founding member, I have lived with and for Calmus since 1999. I have helped shape all of the line-up changes so far. The ensemble has changed steadily over the years - and every change always meant further development. But now there are enough changes - for me as a "veteran" this is the end of the story and the signs point to renewal.

In addition to my passion for Calmus, I have always been a conductor and lecturer, directed a series of concerts, developed new projects, arranged and composed new music and got involved in the choir scene. Now I would like to continue my path in vocal music as a choir director and teacher. But it is unclear yet where it will lead me ...

It would go beyond the scope of these lines to sum up my 23-year Calmus story here. I have spent more than half of my life with Calmus and have always loved it - the variety, the class, the creative freedom, the community, the travel, the friendships and so much more. I will remain connected to the ensemble in the future and I wish from the bottom of my heart that I can still experience Calmus concerts - from the audience - in 20 years' time.

There is still time until the end of August 2022 and I am looking forward to the concerts and encounters with you that lie ahead.


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