Curtain up!

Over half a year ago we announced to you our extensive generational change. We posted three positions and received over 50 applications. The selection process was intensive and time-consuming - but it was worth it!

We are pleased to introduce the new Calmus line-up:


Maria and Friedrich are joined by Elisabeth Mücksch (soprano), Jonathan Saretz (baritone) and Michael B. Gernert (bass). This cast will form the new Calmus Ensemble from September 2022.

It is a great undertaking to continue Calmus with three new faces on the same musical level and with the same esprit - a challenge that we have all already accepted. Anja, Ludwig and Manuel are already filling the roles of mentors and patrons in a wide variety of areas.

And the new line-up is also rehearsing with diligence, verve and heart, working its way into the already established structures of the ensemble and beginning to develop new concepts, programs and ways of working. You can look forward to young dynamic sound experiences as well as extraordinary programmatic and musical highlights, which do not have to do without the clear and homogeneous "Calmus sound".

The “Deutsche Musikrat” also supports us in our project of generational change, and so we can realise this very special and unique project within the program "Neustart Kultur": Calmus in a line-up of eight with the old and new members in concert. The program will feature music for four to eight voices, from Josquin Desprez to the Beatles, which will be experienced in extraordinary vocal shades. The musical rehearsals with eight singers are already a great enrichment: knowledge and experience are passed on and exchanged and fall on fertile ground. We can already reveal one thing: it is very worthwhile!

We will be able to present the results of this work in a large cast on the following dates:

  • 03.09.2022, 8:00pm, Kreuzkirche Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg
  • 10.09.2022, 8:00pm St. Martin Catholic Church (Pfalz)
  • 26.09.2022, 7:30pm New Apostolic Church Leipzig-Plagwitz
    (including a live stream)
  • 22.10.2022, 6:00pm, Siechenhauskapelle Neuruppin

And now we would like to introduce the three of them to you personally:


Anja: "When I heard Elisabeth sing for the first time, my first thought was: she would be a great follow-up for me once I resign from Calmus. I am very happy that this has actually happened and I wish Elisabeth all the best for this new task!”

Elisabeth: "For me personally, a dream is coming true on many levels. As a Leipzig-based musician, I am particularly looking forward to continuing, spreading and sharing the music that originated right here. A busy and exciting time awaits us. However, with our mentors behind us and our enormous creative enthusiasm as the new line-up, I am sure that we will make a great start to a new Calmus era and I am more than excited about this diverse new task.”


Ludwig: "Music has always been a member of the Böhme family, after all I am the child of two church musicians... Jonathan has the same background - his parents, also both church musicians, have known Calmus for a long time, and we have given concerts together several times. So the baritone position couldn't be more fitting. Jonathan, you are the one! I wish you all the best!"

Jonathan: "To be involved in such a comprehensive change in such a top-class ensemble as the Calmus Ensemble, both vocally and in the organisational processes behind the scenes, is a great task that I am very much looking forward to!

With a great sense of responsibility towards the ensemble's long tradition, I look forward with joyful expectation to our future together.

My return to Leipzig also brings me full circle, as this is where my musical path began. To be able to actively shape Leipzig's musical life again and to represent it all over the world fills me with great pride.”


Manuel: “Curtain up for Michael, my follow-up! I wish him a lot of fun in this varied role as the new Calmus base!"

Michael: “It is a great honor and I am very happy to sing bass in the new line-up. I have settled in well in Leipzig and I am really excited about working with my new singer friends.”


And this is what Maria and Friedrich say: “What an honorable task to be the link between the generations! As nice as it is to look into a bright future with the new colleagues, it also hurts to face the end in the current line-up. It inevitably draws nearer, and we are infinitely grateful for the help we have received. Now we have nothing left but to fill everything with Enjoyment. Enjoyment to be able to sing numerous concerts with Anja, Ludwig and Manuel until August, and enjoyment to already rehearse with Elisabeth, Jonathan and Michael.”

Thank you for your loyalty!

Your Calmus Ensemble

Anja, Elisabeth, Maria, Friedrich, Jonathan, Ludwig, Michael and Manuel

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