Finally complete again!

Maria Kalmbach

We’re thrilled to announce that we are complete again and like to say: Welcome, Maria Kalmbach!

We look forward to this change and remember: when Calmus was founded in 1999, five former members of the St. Thomas Boys Choir were all men (quite young even ...). Since 2001, Anja has been the only woman to crown the Calmus sound. In 2021 - 20 years later - we will go one step further and now sing with two women. With Maria we have found the perfect personality and voice for us and we are really looking forward to the future together at Calmus!

Here Maria herself has her say:

“When I went to audition, I thought to myself: I now have the opportunity to sing with Calmus for an hour. For that alone it is worth going to Leipzig. I still can’t quite believe that I'll have the opportunity to do this much more often now and to move to Leipzig. It feels like I've finally arrived. I was welcomed very warmly and I'm really looking forward to the time together! "

It's not an easy time right now. A time of great change. But: change is always also renewal and offers opportunities! That is why we are motivated to look ahead and hope that we will soon be able to see you again in live concerts and inspire you with our new line-up!

But it will take a while until then. And nobody should have to wait that long. That is why we are presenting Calmus to all our friends around the world with a new line-up and a new program in our upcoming virtual concert:

Whit Sunday, May 23 2021, 8pm CEST
on YouTube and Facebook

Therefore: SAVE THE DATE!

Until then - stay healthy!

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