Curtain up!

Over half a year ago we announced to you our extensive generational change. We posted three positions and received over 50 applications. The selection process was intensive and time-consuming - but it was worth it!

We are pleased to introduce the new Calmus line-up:


Maria and Friedrich are joined by Elisabeth Mücksch (soprano), Jonathan Saretz (baritone) and Michael B. Gernert (bass). This cast will form the new Calmus Ensemble from September 2022.

It is a great undertaking to continue Calmus with three new faces on the same musical level and with the same esprit - a challenge that we have all already accepted. Anja, Ludwig and Manuel are already filling the roles of mentors and patrons in a wide variety of areas.

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Bach for five - order now!

You can order our new cd "Bach for five" now in our online shop!

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Calmus Mosaik

Concert Diary

  • 09-30-2022 – Konzerthaus Liebfrauen / Wernigerode (DE)
  • 10-01-2022 – Theater STOK / Zürich (CH)
  • 10-02-2022 – Kirche Oberstrass / Zürich (CH)
  • 10-14-2022 – Schloss / Ismaning (DE)
  • 10-21-2022 – Veranstaltungshalle / Schwendi (DE)

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