Landmarks (2020) - CD

A “landmark” is an object in a landscape or a turning-point, a milestone, symbol, or orientation point. Calmus performs ten “vocal landmarks” on its new CD—works by ten composers from ten different countries. Musical borders open here, and styles mix. Songwriters encounter the avantgarde, folk meets jazz, South American rhythms pulsate alongside Yiddish melodies. You soon realise that it is actually a very short journey from minimal music to pop, and how classical harmonies and jazz sounds interweave. You will recognize masters such as Francis Poulenc, Leonard Cohen, Georg Kreisler, and Sting, but you are guaranteed to discover new songs such as the Krakow singer-songwriter Mordechaj Gebirtig, and the South American composers Federico Ruiz and Aylton Escobar. With landmarks Calmus has created a kind of “sounding globalisation”. The music reflects a society which recalls the past and interprets it anew, which is receptive, and sometimes reflective, but also laughs and dances and swings!


Anja Pöche, soprano
Stefan Kahle, alto
Tobias Pöche, tenor
Ludwig Böhme, baritone
Manuel Helmeke, bass

CV 83.498


  1. Leonard Cohen, arr. Juan Garcia: Here it is
  2. Leonard Cohen, arr. Ludwig Böhme: Everybody knows
  3. Francis Poulenc: La blanche neige
  4. Francis Poulenc: À peine défigurée
  5. Francis Poulenc: Belle et ressemblante
  6. Federico Ruiz: El Santigua'o
  7. Veljo Tormis: Laulu võim (Muhu)
  8. Veljo Tormis: Härjad ootavad pühi (Jõhvi)
  9. Veljo Tormis: Sakste sõim (Urvaste)
  10. Veljo Tormis: Pihlapuu (Helme)
  11. Veljo Tormis: Vaeslapsed laanes (Hargla)
  12. Georg Kreisler, arr. Ludwig Böhme: Der Leisten
  13. Georg Kreisler, arr. Ludwig Böhme: Ich hab ka Lust
  14. Mordechaj Gebirtig, arr. Friedbert Groß: 'S brent
  15. Mordechaj Gebirtig, arr. Philip Lawson: Dos lidl fun goldenem Land
  16. Paul Moravec: Love Endures All Things
  17. Paul Moravec: Set Me As A Seal
  18. Paul Moravec: Greater Love
  19. Aylton Escobar: Sabiá, coração de uma viola
  20. Jaako Mäntyjärvi: Come Live With Me
  21. Jaako Mäntyjärvi: The Silver Swan
  22. Sting, arr. Naomi Crellin: Practical Arrangement
  23. Sting, arr. Naomi Crellin: Moon Over Bourbon Street

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